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About Us.

Carlos Platero Jr, founder of Platero Creative Group, is a trained interior designer with projects in California, Texas, and North Carolina.

His approach to design has been client-focused and detailed driven. allowing spaces to be tailored from client’s way of living and lifestyle.

Platero combines his passion for art, culture, and design to develop functional yet astonishing and vibrant spaces.

Recent Project

Contemporary remodel and interior styling, located in Texas.


  • Architectural Design 

  • Interior Design 

  • Construction

  • Renovation 

  • Maintenance

  • De-design

  • Custom Fabrication

alamo heights rustic sitting room


At Platero Creative group our mission is to provide innovative architectural solutions that transform spaces into functional and aesthetically pleasing environments. We are dedicated to understanding the unique needs and aspirations of our clients and translating them into thoughtful interior designs that inspire and enhance everyday living. Through our attention to detail, creativity, renovation, and expertise, we strive to create sustainable and timeless architectural designs. With a commitment to excellence and collaboration, we aim to exceed client expectations and contribute to the evolution of the built environment.

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