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Platero Creative is more than happy to help your design needs. We work on many different types of projects, where imagination is not the limit, but the beginning. Take a look at the ways that we can assist you, and let us know if you have ideas that need more curation to fulfill.  



Possibly the most crucial area in our lives. Your home should be a place that you are proud of, and one that caters to your lifestyle. We aim to make a beautifully functional living space for you.



While the interior of your home is a major part of a comfortable life, so is the exterior. From the front yard to the back, we aim to give you an eye pleasing view that can revitalize the concept of humans and nature living in harmony. 

Halloween String Lights

Seasonal Designs

From falling leaves in autumn to freshly blossomed flowers of spring. Each season bring a new feeling of a fresh start. We are here to help get you set up for whatever season is ahead of you! 

Business People


Schedule a visit from our designer to come to your home or business. For a flat fee, our designer will help you visualize your space utilizing the structure of the room and any directions that you want to take it. Then they will send you a summary of the visit along with a plan that you can follow to bring the design from paper into reality!

This package includes :


( 2 ) Common spaces


( 1 ) Private space

*Additional rooms are available for an added fee per room*

How can we help?

Fill out a bit of the general information and the tell us how we can help you!

No project is too big or too small, we are open to creative consultation.

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You know what you want, you just may not have seen it yet. With the ideas that you preset for what you want to see, we can create an immersive space that you will be proud to show off.